Get the Most out of Your Tenant Improvement Allowance

tenant-allowanceNegotiating tenant improvements in your lease is complex. Here are some helpful tips to get the best-negotiated outcome for your tenant improvements.


Tenant improvement allowance is a common and important lease negotiation where the landlord agrees to partially or fully fund the tenant’s build-out, improvement, and/or reconfiguration of space so that it meets the tenant’s specific use and needs. This could include improvements such as new carpet, paint, constructing or moving walls or all of the above. Beware, sometimes it doesn’t include costs such as professional fees or data cabling, which can result in unplanned expenses.

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Don't Make a Mistake Financing Your Business

financing-your-businessNeed money for your business? Here’s how to evaluate whether a credit line or term loan is right for you.


If finding the right loan to finance your business seems overwhelming, if you have ever been denied by a bank for funding, or if you didn’t receive the amount of funding you needed, then join the club. Seeking bank loans is necessary and important to running and growing your business, but understanding the differences in loan options can be daunting.


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Wiehle Avenue – A Look At Then, Now, And Its Future

2018_WiehleAveExit_and_TollRdVerity's article as featured in the NAIOP Northern VA Chapter Bus Tour Guide Book on May 3, 2018. 


Since its inception, the vision of Reston was to create a community to live, work, and play. That vision has not changed in nearly 60 years. Wiehle Avenue has served as a central focal point to embrace and grow this vision. It offers easy access to the Dulles Toll Road and the Silver Line’s Wiehle-Reston East Station with great amenities that appeal to businesses and residents alike.

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4 Things to Get in Order Before Asking a Bank for a Loan

things-to-get-in-order-for-bank-loanImprove your odds of getting a business loan by first getting these 4 things in order.


Finding the perfect location and space for your business isn’t always easy; however, getting a bank loan tends to be even more difficult and time-consuming. We know; we’ve been through the process with our clients many times. Even when we find the perfect business location, our clients still need to secure a loan, which can be challenging for many business owners – especially those who are unprepared.


While there's no quick way to change your business income, finances, or credit history, there are some things you can do to prepare before applying for a business loan.



Make sure you’re prepared by pulling together four essential items before you even approach a bank.

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4 Mistakes Business Owners Make That Endanger Bank Loans

bank-loans-mistakesAre you worried about seeking your next bank loan for your business? Avoiding these 4 mistakes will decrease your stress and worry. 


If you’re seeking a bank loan for your business, chances are you’re worried about whether or not the bank will approve the loan. Believe us – you’re not alone. We work with business owners every day in commercial real estate and, since we’re business owners ourselves, we understand running a business isn’t easy. We know the thoughts that keep you awake at night: “If I don’t get this loan, then how can I grow my business?” or “How can I reach my dream of owning my own business without cash?” It can be very stressful and overwhelming.


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