Five Apps to Help You Craft Your Business Plan

iStock-812948018Attract better financing options during your next capital raise with a current business plan.


As we’ve mentioned in other blogs, business plans are important for many reasons. The most obvious one is to outline your business goals and map out the plan for achieving those goals. However, some executives and CEOs don’t realize business plans are also necessary to get money from a bank or potential investor when trying to raise capital.

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Strategic Ways to Think About Your Buildout


BuildoutAre you excited and a little nervous about funding your buildout project? Here are some important factors to consider when deciding how to finance a buildout.


A new buildout project often feels like an exciting fresh start. After all, you’re either rejuvenating your current space or making your new space feel great by designing it to meet your specific needs. While it’s true that getting a new look for your space is exciting, getting the funding is often a little overwhelming.


It’s most common for tenants to seek funding through either a bank or a landlord because both will give business owners money for a buildout through various avenues. However, don’t assume those are your only options.

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