Easy and Effective Goal-setting for Business Success

Reaching Business GoalsLooking for a better goal-setting strategy and follow-through discipline so you can grow your business and succeed? Objective and Key Results (OKR) are designed to help you.  


At Verity, we align commercial real estate with the strategy and goals of our client’s business. However, sometimes, our clients haven’t defined their business goals and strategies in a measurable way. Since entrepreneurs already have so many things on their plates, it can be hard to find the time to do this—but it is crucial to a business’ success. The Objective and Key Result (OKR) process is an easy and effective method to help you identify the most important goals and how to achieve them.  


Read on to learn more about OKRs, the benefits of using them, and common mistakes.  

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Surprising Traits of Successful CEOs


CEOs have stressful jobs. Find out the surprising common traits that make them so successful under pressure.


A recent study of more than 2,000 CEOs in all major industries showed that real-life leaders aren’t necessarily like the Hollywood portrayal. All CEOs, even the most revered, are imperfect; they make mistakes and fail. What sets great CEOs apart is that they learn from those failures and use them as an opportunity to improve process, communication, and decision-making.

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How the Top CEOs Have Lives (And You Can, Too)

iStock-886661870Define your own work-life balance by following these tips from top CEOs


You’ve put in the hours and your business is under control--but maybe your kids or your spouse or your friends say they never get to see you. Let’s face it--most CEOs are good at working hard. What’s more challenging for a lot of entrepreneurs is work-life balance. Fitting your schedule around the traditional 8/8/8 approach (eight hours at work, eight hours of sleep, and eight hours pursuing leisure) is often unrealistic for CEOs. For instance, most CEOs working in the services-based industry find work-life balance is especially hard because their very livelihood depends on their responsiveness to clients and client satisfaction.

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