Part 1: How Commercial Real Estate Affects A Business Sale: Top Real Estate Advisors Talk

Commercial Real Estate Impacts on BusinessDid you know that one misguided real estate decision could jeopardize the successful sale of your business? Surprisingly, this is true regardless of whether you rent or own your space.

Most business owners are unaware of potential consequences—until they try to sell and find that their company is now undervalued because they failed to think about real estate strategically.

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Drones: 7 Factors To Consider Before Taking Your Construction Project To New Heights

action-aircraft-aviation-442587Drones may sound like actual child’s play, but unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are dramatically shaping the construction industry, improving our ability to identify project trends and potential issues.


The construction industry is commonly known for being slow to adopt the latest technology but Owners can’t ignore the benefits of drones. Drones are already improving every aspect of the construction process including addressing one of the biggest challenges during construction – obtaining real-time awareness and accuracy. They’re also improving job site visibility, increasing safety, reducing risk, and gathering information faster in real-time for better reporting – all factors that reduce overall construction costs.

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How to Use Onboarding to Make Your Business Better

Onboarding new employeesUnderstand why onboarding is so important to your business and take these 9 steps for success.
I’ve appreciated everything I’ve learned during my short time here but I just don’t think that I’m a good fit for your company. 

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Is Coworking Really Good for Your Business?

iStock-537275212Coworking is a growing trend among business owners. Before you decide on renting coworking space, understand these 5 advantages and disadvantages.

Coworking seems like a relatively new phenomenon but that’s because it’s only gone mainstream fairly recently. In fact, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and tech startups have long been renting coworking spaces. However, in popular perception, it was often viewed as a “bootstrap” type of choice dictated by limited funding. However, in recent years, as Fortune 500 and large corporations have leveraged coworking to attract better talent and expand their footprints, there’s been a realization that non-traditional offices can be a strategic business decision.  

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7 Ways Business Owners Can Increase Productivity

ProductivityThese must-dos will free up your time and lower your stress level.

All business owners struggle with improving time management and productivity. However, as an entrepreneur or small business owner, struggling can feel more like drowning. Since you’re required to do more with less, you wear a variety of hats, juggle many tasks, and control nearly every aspect of your business.

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