5 Things to Do (or Not to Do) When You Love Your Business But Hate To Sell

SellingTips-1If you hate selling (and a lot of people do), it’s likely because you think of “sales” as a manipulative, high-pressure process. There’s no question that it can be—but it doesn’t have to be. Use these 5 tips to reframe your mind on selling.  

When we think of sales, our minds often conjures the classic scene in the Glengarry Glen Ross movie where Alec Baldwin’s character, Blake, a real estate salesmen, gives his famous speech on the traditional ABCs (Always Be Closing) of sales and where the well-known phrase “coffee’s for closers” was born. (At least it’s a well-known phrase jokingly said when someone runs in our morning sales meeting late, sipping a hot cup of joe. But seriously, if you haven’t seen the movie, watch it; it’s an oldie but a goodie).

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5 Surprising Traits to Look for When Hiring

Hiring_the_right_candidateHiring someone is a big commitment but sometimes, looking for these 5 “surprising” qualities can help ensure your decision is a good one.

Hiring good, reliable, and highly skilled people is one of the most important elements for your business’ success. It can also be the most difficult if you can’t find the right candidates immediately. Often, business owners turn to either hiring an expert to help them find the right candidate or to a hiring software that weeds out candidates based on keyword searches. However, most business owners don’t hire experts since it’s too costly, while relying only on software eliminates the human element needed to ensure you have the right person.

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5 Tools that Build Team Collaboration

Team_CollaborationDo you feel confident your business is using the right tools to effectively manage team collaboration? Learn more to find out if these 5 common collaboration tools will work for your teams. 
Did you know employees that work collaboratively stay on task 64% longer than employees who work alone? Most business owners know that encouraging collaboration requires a change in mindset but it’s also helpful to make sure your employees have tools that make it easy to collaborate. This is especially important to have these tools available as workplaces shift to distributed workforce

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7 Ways Business Owners Can Increase Productivity

ProductivityThese must-dos will free up your time and lower your stress level.

All business owners struggle with improving time management and productivity. However, as an entrepreneur or small business owner, struggling can feel more like drowning. Since you’re required to do more with less, you wear a variety of hats, juggle many tasks, and control nearly every aspect of your business.

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5 Unexpected Ways Being Challenging at Work Can Grow Your Business

Developing leadershipDevelop your leadership and management skills and improve your business relationships by being challenging.

It may seem contradictory, but being challenging at work—in very specific ways—can actually help your business succeed. Most leaders feel a bit uncomfortable delivering criticism to employees or giving difficult feedback to clients but relaying constructive criticism is absolutely necessary for the success of your business.  

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