When you align your business goals with your real estate strategy, you’ll experience faster growth, accelerated wealth creation, and positive business results. Real estate is generally viewed through a prism of an expense to be minimized. Let Verity’s advisory team show you how to transform your space needs into a strategic advantage that positively impacts your bottom line. Traditionally commercial real estate is viewed as a transaction that is either a necessary expense to be minimized, or as a direct investment. In fact, about 95% of businesses view real estate this way, resulting in missed opportunities, higher costs, less flexibility and a drag on business growth and owner/shareholder wealth creation.

We understand that real estate, if managed strategically, can create:

  • flexibility for managing cash flow,
  • business culture,
  • significant tax benefits,
  • increased productivity, and greater business performance.

Whether you’re a landlord, owner, tenant, seller or buyer of a small office, a large corporation or work in a technically challenging industry, Verity’s team uses the same strategic approach. We collaborate as a team, leveraging experience and knowledge to offer you the best possible outcome for your business objectives.


The commercial real estate process can be difficult, time-consuming and disruptive, and is typically one of the largest and longest single commitments made in your business. The lack of strategic focus has made the entire process commoditized with little or no value for most businesses. It’s not surprising that price/fee has become the dominant decision point.

Unfortunately, this approach costs businesses in ways they don’t even realize. Unnecessary expense, higher costs, less flexibility, and a drag on business growth and wealth creation are some the most the primary consequences.

Only about 5% of businesses manage their commercial real estate process strategically, allowing them to gain critical cost and growth advantage over their competition.

If you’re looking to capitalize on untapped opportunities to:

  • control your costs,
  • increase productivity,
  • enhance your company culture,
  • drive tax advantages,
  • improve business performance,

then you are ready for a strategic real estate advantage. Unlike the transactional approach to real estate, this advantage connects and integrates your business strategy with your real estate and leads to:

  • better cost and capital utilization,
  • improved cash flow flexibility,
  • increased growth,
  • greater wealth creation, and
  • enhanced culture.

The Strategic Real Estate Advantage program ensures that you make good real estate decisions that support and drive business strategy. Through Verity’s process, you will be able to manage even the most complex decisions in a simple, easy-to-understand and non-disruptive fashion.

To experience a real difference in the real estate process, call us, check out our insights, or find out how well you’re managing your real estate by taking our five-minute Strategic Real Estate Advantage Diagnostic Survey.