Exceptional Commercial Property Investment Returns

Verity Commercial is ideally positioned to help anyone who plans to buy, sell, or invest in commercial real estate in the Mid-Atlantic region. But buying and selling real estate can be tricky, and it pays to work with a partner who can bring tangible advantages to your investment strategy.

Three reasons Verity is your commercial property investment partner of choice:


We know the Mid-Atlantic market as well as anybody, especially the DC, Virginia, and Maryland area. In fact, with long-standing relationships with key industry players across the region, we are constantly monitoring the region’s real estate opportunities, allowing us to uncover promising properties before the competition ever sees them.


We take a multidisciplinary approach, so we experience the market from different, often unconventional vantage points. That means we have a broader understanding of the market than most investment firms—and a unique lens to see and evaluate risk. In addition, we can apply a range of strategies to mitigate risk, such as reducing financial leverage, extending leases, enhancing the tenant mix/credit profile, bringing in an in-house asset manager and reducing capital expenditures.


We specialize exclusively in commercial real estate, allowing us to focus our resources on the segment of the market that generates the greatest returns—particularly development, in-fill projects, repositioning projects, assisted living, multifamily, mixed-use, office, and industrial properties valued between $2 million and $50 million.

How We Can Help

We help clients find and acquire real estate property, structure deals, improve the property, manage their investment, and sell their property. Whatever your investment goals, we’ll help you make the most of your real estate investment portfolio.

See Us in Action

Read our work and find out how we make the most of every investment opportunity.