We Excel at the Intersection of Infrastructure and Real Estate

Digital infrastructure advancement is driving an unprecedented revolution in data center design, delivery, and site selection unlike anything previously experienced in our collective career lifetimes. Ever increasing critical power densities, cooling demands, supply chain bottlenecks, regional power scarcity, clean energy demands, and strong community pushback, challenge every project delivery. To overcome these challenges requires innovative thinking, flexibility, immediate discipline integration, and financial stress testing on a truly global scale. Traditionally linear and siloed delivery approach of real estate, design, construction, and operations simply will not work.

In many ways, Verity is at the leading edge of this revolution monitoring shifting site selection requirements, managing and budgeting design innovation and construction delivery. Great technological advancement starts with a capable facility.

Unparalleled Data Center Expertise

Verity’s team consists of real estate professionals, electrical and mechanical engineers, technical architects, and construction managers all integrated to assist our mission critical clients meet their ever-shifting priorities and demands. We work on dozens of data center projects every year and have gained significant industry perspective.

Our Comprehensive Capabilities Include:


  • We closely monitor demand trends, power restrictions, zoning trends, and land values in the markets we serve.
  • Anyone using mapping software can identify land near a power line, however very few sites will actually work. Verity goes the extra mile to run preliminary due diligence before site is considered.
  • Our real estate is integrated with our design, construction and budgeting expertise providing quick and detailed analysis allowing our clients to make faster decisions.
  • Our data center brokerage team uncover opportunities both on market and off market.
  • We help clients navigate the complexities of zoning and economic incentives.


  • Alternative energy requirements are now a necessity. Sites adjacent to natural gas lines, nuclear power plants, solar and wind power once considered undesirable are now at the forefront of demand.
  • Combined with our relationships with the power generation and distribution providers, we provide a viable real estate strategy for strong financial and social returns.


  • Site yield test fit: Through our Velatech partnership, we can leverage our inhouse designers to conduct quick test fits to test site product yields.
  • Cost modelling and proforma development: We maintain a data base of year over year project costs. Once a site yield is determined, we quickly model the development costs. These costs can be run through our proprietary data center Proforma models to assist clients determine investment return.
  • Designer selection: As a prolific participant in this market, we work with numerous designers and can help manage an RFP process to select the best team for our clients.
  • Entitlement/permitting: We assist our clients to navigate the ever complicated entitlement process and provide on site permit tracking and monitoring.
  • Contractor procurement: Similar to designer selection, we work with numerous contractors and can help manage an RFP process to select the best team for our clients.


  • Our approach to managing projects is to set up clear team member guardrails to keep project priorities on track. We remove road blocks to allow team members to continue work, and if not possible we quickly find detour solutions.
  • Most of our project managers come from technical general contractor backgrounds, we have been in the trenches ourselves and understand what contractors need and what owners expect.
  • We assist our clients in project and equipment delivery, risk management and close out.
  • We focus on speed, quality and value to the client.

When you need outstanding project performance with less risk, Verity delivers confidence in the face of complexity.

National Expertise, Global Reach

With strategic locations spanning from Northern Virginia to Chicago and the Pacific Northwest, and everywhere in between, our expertise reaches you wherever you are. Additionally, we are part of a portfolio of companies under Vela Holding, Inc, the US investment arm of Dorcsh Global. Dorcsh Global is a subsidiary of RSBG SE, a wholly owned subsidiary of RAG-Stiftung. This partnership makes us uniquely positioned to offer unparalleled data center services on a global scale.

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