Our Story

Verity was founded on the simple premise that we want to change the way people think and act about commercial real estate. This starts by offering clients more options so they can make better business decisions.

Since its inception, Verity’s culture has been deeply rooted on the basis of trust, teamwork, motivation, and a progressive, forward-looking mindset. The firm’s founders, Herm and Ken, are entrepreneurs with a business foundation based on value and culturally driven companies where they learned not to accept the norm and give customers a better product and better service. Herm spent his formative career years as an early employee of the phenomenally successful contractor DPR Construction, while Ken started his career with two newly formed but passionately branded firms, Snapple and Nantucket Nectars. The two met each other during a transaction with each representing the differing sides. Herm and Ken found they shared very similar values and an audacious vision to improve the commercial real estate industry, which compelled them to start Verity Commercial in 2010.

We are a multidisciplinary firm that approaches the commercial real estate industry in three ways: development and construction services, brokerage, and real estate investments, offering fully integrated solutions. Verity’s team of subject matter experts range from entitlement, design, development and construction managers to real estate and investment advisors. Our wide range of expertise uniquely separates Verity from other development and construction management or brokerage firms.

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