A Multidisciplinary Commercial Real Estate Firm

Verity delivers a suite of complementary commercial real estate services—with significantly less risk. Because our expertise crosses multiple key disciplines, we bring a breadth of perspective and depth of insight that’s rare in our industry.

We approach commercial real estate in three ways:

Our fast-growing development and construction services provide especially deep experience in three core industries: data centers/mission critical, life sciences and mixed-use projects. Our brokerage practice is designed for clients that require strategic thinking and transactional results. Also, our investment practice combines our market knowledge, strategic thinking and technical expertise to help real estate investors build a successful portfolio.

With a multidisciplinary approach, we look at real estate differently than most firms—from a property’s inception to its occupancy to its eventual sale. Through this prism, we’re able to see every facet of a project or transaction. Nobody is better positioned to recognize an opportunity, reduce risk and get results.

Dialing Down the Risk

Much of the risk in development, construction and real estate comes from making poor decisions. At Verity, we mitigate risk in two ways: 1) by looking at every project, milestone, and potential deal from multiple disciplines and identifying potential pitfalls up front; and 2) by providing the knowledgeable, highly competent people it takes to guide you through threats and important decisions with confidence.

Growing at Speed

As a growth-oriented firm, we make frequent appearances on the Inc 5000, Virginia Fantastic 50 and other lists of the fastest-growing firms. Fueling our expansion is our ability to hire exceptional talent, our profound knowledge of the market and the real estate industry, and our reputation for trust and outstanding service.


At Verity, we’ve fostered an inclusive culture of trust, teamwork, and community service. Aspiring to become a model for other firms, we strive to take the industry to new heights. But most important, we look to our clients for motivation and inspiration—looking for ways to leverage our wide-ranging expertise and knowledge to deliver superior service and value to those we serve.

Our culture is founded on trust, teamwork, motivation, and a progressive, forward-looking mindset. We hire smart people, support them, then get out of their way.

When you need a commercial real estate firm to deliver with less risk, Verity is raising the bar.