Verity’s culture is based on trust, teamwork, motivation, and a progressive, forward-looking mindset. We share a common mission to improve the industry and better serve the business community. Not only is Verity’s approach unique to the industry; but collectively, we share a common desire to leverage and combine expertise and knowledge to better advise and assist our clients.

Our values as defined by Verity and its employees.


VERITY, [ver-i-ty], noun, the quality or state of being truthful or honest

Integrity, both personally and professionally, requires honesty and trustworthiness. Trustworthiness is described as reliable, dependable, steadfast, honest, loyal, genuine, responsible, truthful, sincere, caring, and helpful.


The top word at Verity is COLLABORATIVE according to Quantum Workplace Employee Opinion Survey

People working collaboratively as a group to achieve a common goal. Teamwork exhibits coordination, community, collaboration, cooperation, mentorship, relationships, support, help, and communication.


A strong desire to succeed

Putting more time and energy into something than is required to do it. Motivation is defined as committed, driven, comprehensive, enthusiastic, eager, desire, devoted, hardworking, and passionate.


Forward-looking mindset

Not accepting industry norms to give clients better solutions, advice, and services. A progressive, forward-looking mindset is characterized as dynamic, forward-looking, advanced, open-minded, ahead, and leading.

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Here are what some of our employees are saying about our culture:

“Verity’s culture is awesome. It’s unlike any place I have worked. It’s a great team environment and senior leaders value people as their most important resource.”

“We have leadership who really care about their employees and a great team with an amazing culture. Even as a new employee, I feel valued, appreciated and recognized, for even my smallest efforts each and every day!”