7 Tips for Conducting a Successful (and Painfree!) Exit Interview

Exit_InterviewsExit interviews can be a little uncomfortable but are extremely important for improving business success. Start mining useful information from exit interviews by following these 7 tips.

If you’re a business owner, you’re probably not fully utilizing one of the simplest and most valuable tools to make your business stronger: the exit interview. It’s more than just an awkward goodbye (even though it doesn’t have to be painful). An exit interview is a discovery tool that uncovers patterns you may be too close to see.

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5 Tools that Build Team Collaboration

Team_CollaborationDo you feel confident your business is using the right tools to effectively manage team collaboration? Learn more to find out if these 5 common collaboration tools will work for your teams. 
Did you know employees that work collaboratively stay on task 64% longer than employees who work alone? Most business owners know that encouraging collaboration requires a change in mindset but it’s also helpful to make sure your employees have tools that make it easy to collaborate. This is especially important to have these tools available as workplaces shift to distributed workforce

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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Precast Concrete vs. Tilt Wall Construction Method

guest contributors:

Brent Wells, Executive Vice President | Southland Concrete

Tim Gainey, Business Development Manager – Commercial Applications | Tindall


Precast concrete vs. Tilt wall constructionBefore you start your next data center project, consider these 7 factors in tilt wall and precast concrete construction methods.


Every owner has experienced the pressure associated with reducing costs while meeting schedules during a construction project. The reason most owners feel overwhelmed is because projects are complex and each one is different. This makes a cookie-cutter approach to project and construction management impossible. So, it’s not surprising, the decision to use precast concrete walls or tilt walls is based on the project’s complexity and unique needs.  

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5 Things to Look for Before Hiring a Commercial Real Estate Advisor

Hiring a commercial real estate advisorTo hire a commercial real estate broker who can act as a business advisor, look for these 5 things.    

As a busy business owner, the last thing you’re thinking about is your lease and/or business space. As the dreaded lease expiration or renewal draws near, your instincts tell you to begin searching online and calling peers for referrals to a good real estate broker in your area.  

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Part 2: How Commercial Real Estate Affects A Business Sale: Top Real Estate Advisors Talk

Commercial Real Estate and Business SalesDid you know that you can endanger the sale of your business with just one real estate misstep? Unfortunately, it’s true—but if you make the right decisions, things won’t just go smoothly, you’ll actually increase the value of your business.
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