Designing Great Office Space

Designing Office SpaceIncrease productivity, attract and retain employees, and reach business growth goals by designing a great office space. Consider these five things before you do.  

Employee effectiveness and talent are important factors in business owners achieving growth goals. Whether businesses need to increase revenue, expand customer base, grow services or products, expand locations, or all four, their employees will play an important part in reaching those goals.  

So, how do you increase productivity and find and retain good employees? Start by looking at your office design. The office space that business owners create directly impacts employee’s productivity and your ability to attract and keep good talent.  

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Listen Up: 9 Podcasts for Business Owners

Podcasts for Business OwnersGet informed, motivated, or inspired. Consider adding one of these 9 podcasts to your queue.  

A growing number of CEOs and business owners are finding podcasts extremely helpful for both their professional and personal lives. According to Edison Research, there are an estimated 73 million Americans listening to podcasts on a monthly basis and the majority of them are professionals working full-time 

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Nine Goals for Growing Business In 2019

Company Growth in 2019Setting personal goals in the New Year is the thing to do. However, for CEOs and business owners, it’s absolutely necessary for growth. Consider adding these nine goals to your 2019 growth strategy.

It’s the New Year and many CEOs and business owners are setting business goals for 2019. Most goals will center around growing their companies. However, with the day-to-day pressure and demands of running a business, thinking strategically about growth isn’t easy. Planning for growth is difficult because many factors influence growth and it’s hard to know where to focus your limited time and resources. Yet, not planning isn’t an option either. Unplanned growth puts pressure on operations, staff, and cash flow and puts you at risk for taking tasks without having the skillset or technology.

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Eight Strategies to Improve Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Before you implement growth strategy, get a handle on your cash flow. If need be, improve it by following some of these eight tips.

How you manage cash flow is one of the most important factors to the growth and wealth of your business. After all, the cash that comes in and out of your company is directly related to its profitability and your business’ success.  

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Why a Distributed Workforce May (or May Not) Work for Your Business

iStock-871385152Have you really thought through how a distributed workforce could work (or not work) for your business? Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages.

Finding and retaining good talent is increasingly challenging these days. Business owners who want to keep a competitive edge by obtaining the best talent must consider allowing employees some flexibility with personal time and commute hours.

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