Coronavirus: What You Should Be Doing with Commercial Real Estate and Rent Payments

Depressed businessman sitting under falling papersDon’t make a hasty decision about your commercial real estate and rent payments during these uncertain times. Consultant your trusted real estate advisor first.


Many business owners are concerned over their commercial real estate and rent payments during these uncertain times. As the Coronavirus continues to impact us all, we wanted to take a moment to address your concerns. Verity recognizes the challenges ahead for you and we assure you, we are here for you.


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Five Mistakes Made When Entering into a Lease Agreement

Lease-AgreementGain greater flexibility and control over your business by avoiding these five common mistakes often made by business owners and executives when signing a lease agreement.


Do you dread signing a lease agreement? Most business owners do. After all, it's often one of the largest and longest single commitments made in your business.

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Nine Goals for Growing Business In 2020

Company Growth in 2019Setting personal goals in the New Year is the thing to do. However, for CEOs, COOs, and business owners, it’s absolutely necessary for growth. Consider adding these nine goals to your 2020 growth strategy.

It’s the New Year and many businesses are setting business goals for 2020. Most goals will center around growing their companies. However, with the day-to-day pressure and demands of running a business, thinking strategically about growth isn’t easy. Planning for growth is difficult because many factors influence growth and it’s hard to know where to focus your limited time and resources. Yet, not planning isn’t an option either. Unplanned growth puts pressure on operations, staff, and cash flow and puts you at risk for taking tasks without having the skillset or technology.

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5 Jobsite Tech Trends Changing the Commercial Construction Industry

BIM, drones, robotics, remote monitoring systems, 3D laser scanning and modeling, 360° imagery, and AI are changing the game for the commercial construction industry. Discover 5 jobsite technology trends you can’t ignore.


iStock-1030352898The mounting pressure on the commercial construction industry to do more with less, along with the shrinking pool of skilled laborers, is driving the need for high-tech solutions at the jobsite. In addition, there are growing concerns over safety and loss of productivity; as well as the need to improve communication and collaboration. These factors are pushing a greater need for technology usage.


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5 Employee Accountability Steps That Will Make Your Business Stronger

accountability_business_growthAre you struggling with holding your employees accountable for results? You’re not alone. Take these 5 steps to change your business’ culture of accountability.

Managing employees is one of the hardest parts about owning a business and holding your employees accountable is the most challenging thing about managing. Many times, owners feel like they either don’t have the time to hold employees accountable or they just don’t want to be the “bad guy.” Some business owners want to avoid conflict; while others don’t know how to hold employees accountable.

There are many factors of why business owners are failing at holding employees accountable. However, while accountability is often uncomfortable and time-consuming, it will help you make employees happier and more productive. That ultimately helps your business and makes you a stronger leader.

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