The CEO’s Guide To Maximizing The Impact of The Chief Financial Officer

Your chief financial officer (CFO) is integral to the success of your business, so it’s crucial you ensure that they have the knowledge to take your company to the next level. After all, the best CFOs are strategic decision makers who partner with CEOs to grow the business, improve operations, and increase revenue.

That’s why the stereotype of CFOs as mere number-crunchers is widespread but inaccurate. While finance is undeniably an important part of the job, a great CFO looks at the bigger picture.

At Verity, we partner with businesses to manage commercial real estate as an asset instead of an expense. As a result, we’ve worked with many CFOs, and have a unique perspective about what is missing from most discussions.

Whether you’re looking to hire a new CFO or simply want to ensure you’re maximizing the potential of your current CFO, these tips and questions should guide you to success!

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