Verity Attends Northern Virginia Family Service’s Road to Independence Gala

Verity attended the Road to Independence Gala, hosted by Northern Virginia Family Service (NVFS), on Friday, May 11, 2018. The Gala celebrated the collective impact NVFS and its supporters had on the community in 2018.


The event honored Dr. William A. Hazel, Jr., a retired surgeon in Northern Virginia and former Secretary of Health and Human Resources for the Commonwealth of Virginia. He was recognized for his dedication to the health and well-being of all Virginia residents.


About the Gala

“At the Road to Independence Gala, we celebrate the impact NVFS, with the support of our donors, partners and volunteers, has on our community. This year’s Gala highlighted the transformation we see in the people we work with every day: the challenges they are able to overcome, the opportunities they discover, and how their entire outlook changes to reflect newfound hope and confidence. These transformations ripple through the community as we see Northern Virginia become a better place in which all of our neighbors can thrive.” – Northern Virginia Family Service


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