Summer Interns Unplugged: Exploring Verity’s Culture

Verity, a company driven by its core values of trust, motivation, and progressiveness, takes great pride in fostering the growth and development of its team members. In line with this commitment, Verity has recently welcomed two talented summer interns, Ryan Griffin and Jake Roberts, to contribute fresh perspectives and enhance the team’s dynamics. 



The 1901 Crystal Drive project in Arlington, Virginia, was an immersive experience that established an excellent foundation for my understanding of working in a professional atmosphere and developing necessary future business skills. Witnessing daily the development of the towers firsthand made me believe that I had arrived at the ideal time to delve into the complexities of multiuse retail and apartment building construction. 


The constant progress of the towers brought a lot of variety to each day, allowing me to observe different stages of development and gain a full extensive understanding of the entire construction process. From units being meticulously prepared for turnover to property owners, to witnessing cranes raising huge pieces of façade to be welded and bolted onto the building. Having a firsthand look at the complexity and coordination required in such ambitious projects has made me want to peruse the interest that I previously had in real estate development. 


In addition to the Crystal Drive project exposure and receiving on-site mentorship from John Ganssle, I have been able to give a hand to the office manager. This experience provided me with invaluable insights into the inner workings of the company and allowed me to contribute directly to its daily operations. Working on-site, I had the chance to witness the practical aspects of the company’s functions and see how each department relied on efficient filing and organization to function smoothly. Whether it was sorting through physical documents or digitizing records, I quickly grasped the importance of meticulous attention to detail and accuracy. 


In the office, collaborating with the office manager proved to be an enlightening experience. Their guidance and mentorship helped me understand how critical organizational skills are in maintaining a well-structured and productive workplace. Together, we streamlined existing systems, implemented new organizational strategies, and developed more efficient ways of managing information. Throughout the internship, I learned that being organized is not just about putting files in order or maintaining a tidy workspace; it involves critical thinking, adaptability, and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively. 



The past two summers I have been fortunate to be a member of the Verity family. As a college student, I have been trying to get as much professional experience as possible under my belt. Entering my first position in a professional environment I was unsure of what to expect, but Verity knocked down any barriers between their experienced team and a student like me. From day one, the team approached me providing a helping hand and a friend whenever I needed it. It truly shocked me to feel so comfortable so soon. Verity has helped build my confidence as I continue to learn and eventually enter the work force as a bona fide professional. They have also sparked my passion for construction and architecture which I hadn’t realized I enjoyed so much. Getting to see all the sleek projects they have worked on has made me appreciate the effort that goes into building and design. 


I have been able to work both on the marketing and financing sides of the company, with Kellie Cisler and Carolyn McMillan. They have provided me with ample opportunities to hone my skill set, by aiding with activities across all of Microsoft 365. Along with working with programs like Excel and Word, I have gained an understanding of how different software are used hand in hand, and how to transfer data between Microsoft 365 to Smartsheet, SharePoint, and Adobe InDesign.  


Not only was I provided with tasks in the office, but I also got to see what the process was like at ongoing developments. I toured the Residence at Colvin Run in Great Falls, VA, with Emelia Boateng, who was generous enough to take some time out of her day to walk me around her site. One of the great parts about Verity’s projects is how diverse their portfolio is, from data centers and life science to urban and family developments, I realized that there were buildings that I had driven by so often that I didn’t know was the work of Verity. 


I want to thank Kellie, Carolyn, Ken, and Herm for the chance to develop my skills, and for treating me with respect and kindness. My time at Verity has given me a lot of decisions to make regarding my career’s future, as I enter my third year at Virginia Tech in the business school. My work has inspired me to explore new areas of interest, as I aspire to follow a path into the development of sporting stadiums and the financing behind those projects.