Dr. Gouldin had 12 months left on his lease and thought it may be better to purchase rather than renew. Dr. Gouldin turned to Verity for advice. Utilizing our Strategic Real Estate Advantage™ process, Verity worked to understand Dr. Gouldin’s business strategies and how his real estate could enhance his wealth-creation objectives. Through market research and thorough financial analysis, Verity built extensive buy-vs.-lease models that compared cash flows and investment returns for numerous scenarios. Ultimately, Dr. Gouldin concluded that leasing was actually a better option for his practice. Armed with our leasing market knowledge and the current financing conditions, Verity approached Dr. Gouldin’s landlord and was able to negotiate a lease renewal at a lower rental rate and reset his expense base year, resulting in a 35 percent savings in occupancy cost for his practice.

“With my lease set to expire in 12 months, I turned to Verity for advice. They expertly walked me through the analysis of Lease vs. Buy options. When I ultimately decided to lease, Verity negotiated a lease renewal that saved my practice 35% in occupancy costs.” — Dr. Garrett Gouldin, Northern Virginia Periodontics