Stop thinking about real estate as an expense to be minimized and let Verity show you how to transform your space needs into a strategic advantage that positively impacts your bottom line.

Traditionally commercial real estate is viewed through a tactical prism—that is, as a transaction that is either a necessary expense to be minimized, or as a direct investment on the part of an individual or a group. In fact, about 95 percent of businesses view real estate through this tactical prism, resulting in missed opportunities, higher costs, less flexibility and a drag on business growth and owner/shareholder wealth creation.

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Flexibility for managing cash flow

According to our research, only about 5 percent of businesses manage their commercial real estate through the proper strategic prism. These forward-leaning companies understand that real estate, managed effectively, can create:

  • flexibility for managing cash flow,
  • business culture,
  • significant tax benefits,
  • increased productivity, and
  • greater business performance.

Companies that utilize a strategic real estate prism enjoy faster growth and accelerated wealth creation.


The Strategic Real Estate Advisory Program™ ensures that you make good real estate decisions that support and drive your business strategy. Through Verity’s process, you will be able to manage even the most complex decisions in a simple, easy-to-understand and non-disruptive fashion.

Strategic Real Estate Advantage

The commercial real estate process can be difficult, time consuming and disruptive. Additionally, because of a transactional focus on the part of real estate brokers, the entire process has become commoditized and creates little to no value for most businesses. It’s no surprise that price/fee has become the dominant decision point.


Unfortunately, this approach is costing businesses in ways they don’t even realize. Unnecessary expense, higher costs, less flexibility and a drag on business growth and wealth creation are the primary consequences.


Only about 5 percent of businesses manage their commercial real estate process effectively, and these businesses gain a critical cost and growth advantage over their competition.

If you’re looking to capitalize on untapped opportunities to:

  • control your costs,
  • increase productivity,
  • enhance your company culture,
  • drive tax advantages,
  • improve business performance,

then you are ready for The Strategic Real Estate Advantage™. Unlike the transactional approach to real estate, this advantage connects and integrates your business strategy with your real estate and leads to:

  • better cost and capital utilization,
  • increased cash flow flexibility,
  • enhanced growth, and
  • greater wealth creation.

To experience a real difference in the real estate process, call us, spend some time on our blog, and check out how well you’re managing your real estate by taking our five-minute Strategic Real Estate Advantage Diagnostic™.




Tenant Representation

Whether your needs include a start-up office requirement or a corporate relocation, Verity Commercial’s approach includes the same integrated services. Our tenant representation services include in-depth market studies, planning and scheduling and comprehensive budgeting including lease costs, build out, furniture, and IT infrastructure. Dependable decision matrices are expertly compiled so that executive real estate decisions can be made with confidence. We will negotiate responsively and tirelessly on your behalf to bring you the best deal possible.


Landlord Representation

The Verity team provides much more than typical brokerage services; we also own and build commercial real estate. This understanding of the pressures brought to owners by tenants, financing, market conditions, contractors, utility providers and maintenance, allows us to operate as a virtual partner with our clients, as opposed to simply a service provider.


The Verity team does not wait for prospects or their agents to contact them to inquire about a specific space. We proactively market directly to these prospects. Our proven system allows us to match likely tenants for a specific assignment. This is done through the pairing of our extensive tenant database with our proprietary analytical market studies. This results in quicker and more effective lease-ups and sales in comparison to other firms.


In addition, your leasing proposal will encompass your return objectives due to our ability to truly understand your pro forma. Our clients receive detailed market updates, realistic leasing projections and assertive marketing. Our marketing tools include proven foot canvassing and print collateral, as well as bold online marketing and social media campaigns—all distributed in a strategic, call-to-action fashion.