Project Management

Project Management
Brokers and landlords are most invested at the beginning of a project, and conversely, contractors are invested during the build-out. You need a professional on your side who can serve as a bridge connecting these two phases. That’s where Verity comes in. We connect the disconnect.

At Verity we work on some of the most technically challenging projects in the Mid-Atlantic. We thrive on knowledge- centric clients whose facility needs are integral to their business objectives. Our core industries include life science, data center, healthcare, office and manufacturing. Our holistic approach integrates your firm’s real estate, finance, and business strategy into the design and construction process, thereby aligning objectives and simplifying complexity.
Read our Case Studies to see how we’ve connected the disconnect for our clients.

Project Management from Every Angle

Project Management from Every AngleWorking with Verity Project Management allows you to focus on your primary business while leveraging experienced industry professionals to manage your project’s complexities and risk, so you don’t have to.


Verity serves as your facilities department by defining, controlling and managing all aspects of design and construction while keeping the ownership fully informed of project status in terms of scope, budget, and schedule. We understand all sides of a job and keep design consultants and construction focused on your goals and objections.

  • Project Management Planning. We start by preparing a plan for the entire project. We then diligently, competitively and fairly solicit proposals and bids from vendors specifically quantified for the size, complexity, and industry of our client’s requirements. Our preconstruction services include early comprehensive budgeting with upfront cost modeling and scheduling.
  • Cost Management. We employ the strategy of Designing to a Budget rather than Budgeting the Design. Starting first with the budget greatly reduces the possibility of expense surprises once construction is underway.
  • Quality Management. The design and construction process involves the participation of up to 20 different consultants, contractors and vendors – ranging from architects and engineers to general contractors and specialty vendors – often operating under the tightest of time constraints. We make sure everyone is performing to their best ability.
  • Exclusive Representation. Our interests are always aligned with those of our clients.


Why Work with Verity?

  • Our project management services ensure your construction projects run smoothly so that you can continue to focus on running your business.
  • We not only take all the stress and complexity of a construction project off your shoulders, we also guarantee the project will meet all expectations in terms of scope, budget and schedule.
  • We develop contract strategies that provide the ownership with protection, and clearly define project expectations.
  • We offer special services aimed at reducing overall costs, such as preliminary feasibility studies, value engineering, life-cycle cost analyses and early cost estimates of conceptual designs.
  • We reduce the chances of misunderstandings by acting as a business partner who will assist and guide you and keep ownership informed through the duration of your project.

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Development Services

Our development services background is diverse and includes office, flex, industrial, laboratories, data centers, healthcare facilities, commercial condos and complicated Public Private Partnerships (PPEA). Specific services include: site search, market analysis, pro forma development, financing assistance, due diligence studies, site/building cost budgeting, designer/contractor selection, and project management.


Concept Evaluation

When our clients are in the stage of conceptualizing their project type, we provide them with vital information and pro forma creation to help them decide whether to take a project forward into development. This information includes market leasing intelligence, budgets for design, consultants, permits, FF&E, construction and development/construction schedules.


Strategic Procurement of Design and Construction Consultants

We assist clients in choosing the appropriate project acquisition method, which includes choosing the correct design and construction consultants for our client’s specific job. We have the experience to manage design-bid-build, CM at risk, design-build or an integrated project delivery. And we help clearly demonstrate the advantage of these delivered approaches to our clients.


Preconstruction Management

Once our clients decide to take a concept into the development phase, we are there to provide estimating, value engineering, scheduling, constructability analysis, site logistics and permitting services.


Peer Review of Mechanical and Plumbing Design

The mechanical and plumbing systems of a project often represent 30 percent or more of the construction cost. These systems also represent a large portion of the completed project’s energy and maintenance costs. We provide an experienced review of the engineer’s design and offer recommendations to improve performance of the completed project.


Building Information Management (BIM) Planning and Implementation

Blueprint software has evolved from hand-drawn images to 2D images to now 3D images of the blueprints. This Building Image Model is often referred to as BIM. If used correctly, BIM software can reduce the cost of production because of its ability to find errors in the blueprints before construction begins. We find that not all design and construction professionals understand how to use BIM. That is where Verity steps in to help. First, we understand if our client’s project would benefit from using BIM or not. If using BIM would make the project most efficient, we ensure that the design/construction professionals understand how to read/use it in order to prevent problems from appearing during construction. This approach results in a better-coordinated project that costs our clients less.


Commissioning and Closeout

At Verity we understand that a project is not complete until all systems have been tested and verified to be preforming as specified. This is especially true for critical environments in laboratory, clean room, and data center facilities. We include commissioning expectations and plans early in the design process, ensuring scope and costs are aligned. Contract closeout and budget reconciliation are a potential source of frustration and budget creep. At Verity we are relentlessly proactive to insure a successfully built project includes timely closeout.