Investment Expertise

Investment Expertise
Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in commercial property, the competitive Mid-Atlantic market demands that we are always at our best.

Your success, and ours, depends on deal flow—being connected, experienced and aggressive. We have the extensive experience and local knowledge to seize opportunities as they present themselves. Our constant, comprehensive surveillance of the commercial real estate market and our long-standing relationships with key players allow us to uncover promising properties ahead of the competition. Moreover, we have the market knowledge and insights to quickly make high-level assessments in order to rule out certain prospects that might look good to less-informed investors.
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Our Systematic Approach to Success

While our Investment team relentlessly scans the market for solid prospects, we are painstaking in matching clients and investors to projects. We work with you to systematically address investment objectives, including understanding:

  • targeted equity commitment
  • investment time horizon
  • growth / return objectives
  • risk profile
  • cash flow requirements / constraints
  • financing capacity
  • willingness to co-invest with partners (and if open to a partnership, what are the desired characteristics of potential partners)
  • active or passive management position

After identifying which of these are absolute and which are preferential and/or subject to a tolerance band, we will establish screening criteria in order to quickly note your highest potential properties. By avoiding costly, resource-intensive due diligence on properties that will ultimately fail to meet the identified objectives, we can better serve your needs and deliver targeted investment ideas that are more likely to lead to a successful transaction.


Our knowledge and skillsets, let us structure transactions that best meet individual goals that optimize investor value and security:

  • facilitate single asset or portfolio transactions
  • sole investor acquisitions
  • strategic joint ventures
  • We also maintain close relationships with debt and equity sources to help close deals efficiently and maximize returns.

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Verity Integration

Our area of expertise is the mid-market tier of office and industrial properties valued between $2 million and $50 million. Our team brings together experiences that span the real estate value chain, including in financing, brokerage, leasing, asset management and development. This allows us to use a full range of tools to optimize investment outcomes.


If your goal is to reduce overall risk, we will recommend the best combination of actions for your specific situation, balancing tactics such as reducing financial leverage, extending lease tenor, enhancing the tenant mix/credit profile, bringing in an in-house asset manager and reducing capital expenditures.


A less cohesive approach can result in sub-optimal decisions, that reduce risks in only one area, say, financing, but creates unacceptable levels of risk in others. Our fully integrated approach sets us apart from our competition. This advantage ensures that all aspects of the strategy are working in concert rather than competing against one another.