Your Advantage

graphicAt Verity, our mission is to change the way people think about real estate.


In order to achieve this, we first simplify the complexity inherent in today’s real estate ecosystem. Our unique perspective is built upon the vast experience and diverse expertise of our founding partners and flows through our entire organization. By leveraging our technical, financial, and entrepreneurial backgrounds we are able to look at real estate through a strategic prism rather than a tactical one, thereby transforming real estate from a necessary business expense into a strategic business advantage and tool for wealth creation.


Our experience and knowledge support our vision to address our client’s challenges before they arise. We present the solutions and the direction in a way that cuts through the clutter — getting directly to what needs to be done, to the utmost benefit of our clients.


We are agile and nimble, which allows us to be adaptive to every unique client need. We thrive on the individualistic nature of our client’s requests because it parallels the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of our founders and Verity as a whole. This is evident by our collective body of work which includes strategic solutions for small local business owners as well as development and construction of some of the most technically involved projects in the Mid Atlantic region.


With the integration of our three service offerings — Brokerage, Project Management, and Investments — you benefit from the strategic vision and collective knowledge gained from our history of solving real-world challenges.