Five Mistakes Made When Entering into a Lease Agreement

Lease-AgreementGain greater flexibility and control over your business by avoiding these five common mistakes often made by business owners and executives when signing a lease agreement.


Do you dread signing a lease agreement? Most business owners do. After all, it's often one of the largest and longest single commitments made in your business.

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The Difference Between Key Metric Types

Difference-between-metricsTurn your company’s metrics into powerful business drivers by understanding the difference in key metrics types.


Determining when and how to use metrics to improve your business can be overwhelming. And, if you’re like many business owners, you’ll default to looking at your financial statements as your only source of metric. Business owners want to grow their bottom line but they’re often so focused on the day-to-day operations that taking the time to research and decide which metric to use seems daunting. 

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5 Overlooked Metrics to Improve Your Business Strategy

Overlooked-Business-MetricsMake sure you aren’t losing money by missing out on these metrics!


Ever worry that you could be missing out on making your business better by missing some important metrics? We assure you that you’re not alone!


While advising business owners on their commercial real estate goals, we’ve discovered there are some often overlooked metrics that can help business owners better measure business productivity and revenue. Choosing the best metrics comes down to what’s important for your business, so keep that in mind and let’s get started!

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3 Mistakes Made When Raising Capital

Mistakes Made When Raising CapitalAvoid headaches and frustration during your next capital raise by dodging these common mistakes.


Are you feeling anxious and apprehensive about your next capital raise? Don’t worry, many experienced business owners and executives feel the same way. Whether you are a starter business or a mature company, raising capital can be one the most difficult and complex tasks--and, for most, a very necessary task to grow and profit.  


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