A CEO’s Guide to Winning at Negotiations

Successful business people handshaking closing a dealDid you think your last negotiation had a favorable outcome only to discover later you left money on the table? Here are some tips to follow to avoid this from happening again.   


Most business owners and CEOs are pretty good at negotiations – some better than others. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t be in your position if you weren’t fairly confident in your negotiating skills. But where most CEOs and business owners fail are negotiating a deal that doesn’t benefit their overall business strategy and leaves money on the table.

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10 Things Your Project Manager Should Be Doing For You

PM_Blog4_1200x627So, you’ve hired a third-party project manager to help with your next construction project, now what?


Owners have tremendous pressure to deliver the most effective and efficient facilities on-time and on-budget. Projects have substantial undertakings (added scope & cost, cost overruns, delays, unforeseen issues, etc.) that can quickly overwhelm even the most experienced and knowledgeable Owner.


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What You Need to Know About Commercial Real Estate Leases

iStock-910343574Take the stress and complexity out of your commercial real estate lease by learning what every CEO and business owner should know.  


Commercial real estate leases are as complex as the businesses that sign them. Every business is unique in different ways: type, how it operates, culture, and growth and revenue goals. Additionally, leasing is getting more complex as many companies, including tech companies, require special and complex communication and security hardware and systems. CEOs and business owners have a lot to consider before signing a lease, since it is one of the biggest and longest commitments made in business. It can be overwhelming to even the most experienced business owner.  

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