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Why a Distributed Workforce May (or May Not) Work for Your Business

iStock-871385152Have you really thought through how a distributed workforce could work (or not work) for your business? Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages.

Finding and retaining good talent is increasingly challenging these days. Business owners who want to keep a competitive edge by obtaining the best talent must consider allowing employees some flexibility with personal time and commute hours.

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6 Tips to Prepare Now for a Downturn Later

iStock-937613504Protect your business. Take advantage of your good fortune now to prepare for lean times using these six strategies.   

Your business is strong and you’re likely in a great financial position. However, prosperous times can’t last forever. Every business owner will experience slow periods and downturns. It’s just the nature of business and our economy. Either market changes, stock market instability, or worse, natural disasters or economic recessions will all affect your business and its prosperity. Mapping out the options for your business during unstable times can help you survive (and maybe even thrive).

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5 Tips to Turn Your Next Space into a Strategic Advantage for Your Business

New Office SpaceConsider these 5 factors before choosing the next space for your business.  

or moving a business can be one of the most exciting and overwhelming times in your business. It means your business is growing and thriving. However; it’s a complex and time-consuming process that takes away from what’s important – running your business. Read More

Painless Networking for CEOs: Tips for Thorough Preparation

iStock-665394842Boost your confidence and get the most out of networking by following these tips.  

Have you attended a networking event only to feel like you didn’t get much from itDo you ever feel uncomfortable or anxious at a networking event? If you said, “yes”that’s okay! Many entrepreneurs and business owners are intimidated by approaching a complete stranger and engaging them in conversation. For some, especially introverts, it can even be terrifying. However, you can feel confident at your next networking event through a little planning and finding what works best for you.

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What Every Owner Needs to Know About Project Contingency

Contingency_Blog2_1200x627Unforeseen project circumstances cost Owners time and money. Learn more about project contingency to ensure you’re financially prepared for the unexpected.


The pressure to keep project costs as low as possible is often overwhelming for Owners. On one hand, you want to finish on budget and make your proforma. On the other hand, the numbers are tight and the margin is thin. So, when it comes to planning and establishing your construction budget, adding contingency can seem to inflate the budget. However, when unforeseen issues arise having a little cushion already built into the project budget can actually create safeguards to ensure the project is completed within budget.

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