5 Tools that Build Team Collaboration

Do you feel confident your business is using the right tools to effectively manage team collaboration? Learn more to find out if these 5 common collaboration tools will work for your teams. 

Did you know employees that work collaboratively stay on task 64% longer than employees who work alone? Most business owners know that encouraging collaboration requires a change in mindset but it’s also helpful to make sure your employees have tools that make it easy to collaborate. This is especially important to have these tools available as workplaces shift to distributed workforce

If you feel like most business owners, then feeling overwhelmed when searching for the right team collaboration tool is common. The number of collaboration tools out there are vast and choosing the right one for your particular organization can feel daunting. But don’t fret, we’ve done the research for you on some of the most popular collaboration tools available today. Here’s what you need to know about some tools that can help reinforce a collaborative way of thinking:  

  • Slack – This is a great way to do real-time collaboration, even if employees are far apart. Teams of any size benefit from the ability to send real-time messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing. Slack is simple and a popular choice in part that any size team can use it and effectively manage communication.  
  • Google Apps for Business – Some advantages: multiple people can collaborate at the same time on one document, the apps save changes automatically, and also track who made what change. You can revert if necessary. The drawback is that Google Sheets isn’t quite up to Excel’s bar, but it will work for most non-finance employees. 
  • Asana – This tool excels at project management collaboration. By using Asana, team members can assign tasks to other members. It’s very helpful when deadlines need to be closely monitored and be used as a powerful to-do list or calendar. 
  • Trello – If you don’t need the big guns in terms of project management, Trello is a very user-friendly, intuitive way to visually track stages of a project and tag people when they need to put something in motion. 
  • Zoom – This app is designed for conference calls, both video and voice. You can record within the call and also save video of a presentation shared during a call. The one drawback is that the video functionality does need a strong internet connection. 

Collaboration is challenging, but a concerted effort with the right tools in place can help you make your business stronger. One or more of these is likely to make the process easier for your team. 

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