Life Science Research and Development Is Growing Fast; Be Sure to Match Your Facility to the Requirement

Do your homework when planning T-cell immunotherapy research and life extending cancer treatment facilities.

Today’s T-cell immunotherapy research uses the body’s own natural defenses to identify, attack, and kill cancer cells.

While T-cell immunotherapy research tenants need to evaluate facility location, aesthetics, and lease rate, they also need to consider other critical aspects too.

To maximize your space and help inspire your next big breakthrough, do your homework in the following areas prior to lease execution will allow you to.

  • Evaluate current schedule, cost, and quality factors that include a building’s existing floor to floor heights, structural limits, emergency power provisions, and hot/chilled water capacities before making a commitment to an existing building
  • Understand the market and available spaces that best meet your needs
  • Identify your current facility needs, projected future technologies and expansion needs

When Verity Commercial assisted tenant University of North Carolina (UNC) Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, Chapel Hill, NC and landlord, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, in managing the design and construction of a fit-out facility, we did the homework. A critical aspect needed for this life extending research facility was modifying an existing two-story office building into sophisticated laboratory use. The design team successfully adapted the design to match the conditions of the existing building in a cost-effective manner. Key aspects to meeting this design challenge included dedicated individual air handling units to each of the clean rooms and a HVAC control system used to achieve strict temperature and humidity requirements of each clean room.

UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center’s patients are getting lifesaving benefits from the facility. reports that all three patients in one trial are experiencing great results. Two of the three patients are in remission, while the third, a 2-time cancer survivor, feels reborn. Read full news article here.

This project was a win-win but not all projects are so fortunate.

Verity does the necessary homework for our clients prior to lease execution – especially when time is so vitally important to saving lives.

Learn more about Verity Commercial and what we can do for your expanding T-cell immunotherapy research and life extending cancer treatment facility.


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