Tech Details Ensure a Great Move Result

Imagine it’s the first day in your new corporate office. It’s a clear, crisp Monday morning. All the staff has desks and offices assigned, everyone’s desk contents are ready to be put into the new furniture, and the place looks like it could be the stage for a television series about New York City attorneys. It’s all going great until 8:15 when you hear…

“I can’t log in to the network.”

“My email isn’t working”

“I can’t reach the Internet”

“Does your phone work? Mine doesn’t!”


Fiber Optic Cable

Want to avoid this nightmare? Then understand your company’s technology requirements before your move. Before signing the lease, know your new building’s tech infrastructure and how it relates to your needs.

Don’t assume that your new landlord will take care of things for you. Your firm’s needs for location and network security, high speed data services, first time success and ongoing reliability, will require planning and assessment to determine that each of these types of needs is clear and specific. You’ll likely need to speak with your broker or the landlord to determine if the building already has the necessary technical infrastructure to support your business, or whether you’ll need additional vendors to augment services provided in the lease.

A good idea is to investigate the telecom providers and carriers already built into the building and to understand the services they provide. Service qualities like speed and location in the building are critical. And because wiring is in the building does not mean the facility is connected to the carrier/service provider.   Lead times, to provision new services vary from weeks to months, so advanced planning is critical.

Verity has published a white paper about these types of needs, and how to ensure that your next move has the right stuff – for your technical needs.

Office IT Solutions for Small Business-4 Things to Consider When Moving

The white paper includes:

  • Internet Connectivity
  • Telephone Solutions
  • Email
  • File Sharing

Moving into a building means you will have new neighbors. Don’t underestimate how their experiences can help you understand better what to expect, and where to take action. Ask them about their experience with the services provided. Determine whether the building supports the services your business requires, and if your landlord is willing to bring new providers into the building. The internet service providers are almost random in the various buildings. Just because a specific building is served by FIOS, for example, does not necessarily mean the neighboring building in the same development is also served by FIOS. This should be integrated as part of your lease negotiation due diligence.

Verity can make your move one that has all the hallmarks of a professional team effort, without having hair-raising shocks and experiences. Let our team make your team’s move a thing of beauty.