10 Things Your Project Manager Should Be Doing For You

So, you’ve hired a third-party project manager to help with your next construction project, now what?

Owners have tremendous pressure to deliver the most effective and efficient facilities on-time and on-budget. Projects have substantial undertakings (added scope & cost, cost overruns, delays, unforeseen issues, etc.) that can quickly overwhelm even the most experienced and knowledgeable Owner.

At Verity Commercial, our clients know having a dedicated project manager that understands the intimate details of their project and possesses the necessary experience will give them the best advice, representation, and project outcome possible. The majority of Owners we encounter simply don’t have the time or resource capacity to achieve successful results.

But, how do you know if you’re getting the most out of your third-party project manager? Here’s a list of 10 things every project manager should be doing for you to consider.

1. Aligning project goals with overall business strategy ­– One of the most important things your project manager should be doing is aligning project goals with your overall business strategy. Good project managers will not only focus on delivering a project on-time and within budget but they will look at how each decision will affect your overall business goals long after the project is over.

2. Simplifying the complexity – Projects have lots of moving parts. For example, a project could have numerous consultants, contractors, and vendors. Your project manager should be coordinating the various entities so that they’re collectively working towards the project goals.

3. Using past experience – Every project is different. Your project manager should be flexibile to your project needs and goals. However, they should be applying the lessons they learned from their years of experience working on projects similar to your project.

4. Saving time – Project managers should allow you to remain focused on running your business, not on the project. Project managers take on the pressure and worries of a project while finding time-saving solutions so your project is completed on-time.

5. Saving cost – While hiring a third-party project manager can seem like an extra added cost to the project budget, your project manager can save you more than their fee equivalent in project related costs. They will know how to minimize cost exposure and implement cost-saving methods throughout the entire project life cycle.

6. Representing you, and only you – You should have peace of mind knowing your project manager has your best interest in mind. Stakeholders can influence project decisions. You’ll need a project manager who puts your priorities first.

7. Minimizing mistakes and risk – Your project manager should have a plan for minimizing costly mistakes and change orders that threaten to disrupt your project. Based on their experience, they should know what obstacles may arise on your project and work with you in the beginning to implement project strategies.

8. Delivering – Let’s face it, issues may arise that are out of your project manager’s control and can affect project outcomes. Weather and other unknowns could threaten project schedule and cost. However, an experienced project manager will be capable of delivering even in unexpected challenges and circumstances.

9. Value through relationships – Your project manager should have strong relationships with designers, general contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. Their reputation, based on fairness and managing work well, will bring quality people to your project with better pricing.

10. Partnering – Project managers should work with you as a trusted partner and act as an extension to your staff. You should leverage your project manager’s understanding and knowledge without taking on additional responsibilities that are outside your expertise.

Your project manager will act as your trusted advisor that works to assist and guide you while keeping you informed throughout the duration of your project. They will align project goals with overall strategy by working with the end in mind. Your project manager will free up your time to focus on your core business instead of the stress and difficulties of your project.

Enlisting the help of a third-party project manager gives you peace of mind. Having a knowledgeable expert to help you takes the weight off your shoulders for a successful project outcome.

Let one of Verity Commercial’s project managers help with your next project so you can benefit from a project with reduced cost, overruns, and change orders.


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