Is Coworking Really Good for Your Business?

Coworking is a growing trend among business owners. Before you decide on renting coworking space, understand these 5 advantages and disadvantages. Coworking seems like a relatively new phenomenon but that’s because it’s only gone mainstream fairly recently. In fact, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and tech startups have long been renting coworking spaces. However, in popular perception,… Read More

5 Lessons from Netflix about Rebounding from Failure

Business failure doesn’t necessarily mean going out of business. Learn these 5 ways from the highly respected and successful business, Netflix, on how to grow your business out of failure. Owning and running a successful business is a major challenge for both new and experienced business owners. According to the Small Business Administration, roughly 1/5 of… Read More

7 Reasons to Reconsider Office Space

Are you considering a distributed (remote) workforce? Ignoring these 7 reasons why your company may need office space could delay growth and restrict productivity. As remote connectivity grows and improves, the topic of whether companies actually need office space continues to be heavily debated in the business community. Some business owners believe that office space isn’t necessary at all, while others believe space with all the perks is absolutely necessary for… Read More

6 Tips to Prepare Now for a Downturn Later

Protect your business. Take advantage of your good fortune now to prepare for lean times using these six strategies.    Your business is strong and you’re likely in a great financial position. However, prosperous times can’t last forever. Every business owner will experience slow periods and downturns. It’s just the nature of business and our economy…. Read More